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Total Overdose High Compressed Game 

In 1989, a deep-coverage DAA agent Ernesto Cruz led a troop of DEA agents against a militia in a forest to obtain information about Papa Muerte. The Colonel Trust believes it is a drug overdose. Ernesto's son, Tommy, a senior DEA agent, goes to Mexico and discovers Marco, his main contact with the Morels Cartel. Tommy destroys the convoy of a Virgilio gang and its service station but is seriously injured by a grenade explosion. With no other option, Tommy imprisons his younger brother, Ramiro.Morales sends Ramiro to steal Vergillo's precious car, just to fly it. Later, Ramiro lists the task of recovering three stolen trucks that will be used to deal with the smuggling of Morales. Ramiro successfully steals the trucks, as well as flying the Virgilos ship. Morales' cheaper angel, Ramiro, talks to Tommy and discovers his identity. Ramiro then goes through the country of Vergilo with the trucks, allowing the trucks to pass: he hides in one of the trucks and chases them to the Morales meat factory. Ramiro opens the door to DEA agents, but Morales, aware of his plan, ambushes them: Ramiro narrowly escapes with the help of Angel, who reveals himself to be a Mexican undercover police officer. Ramiro sneaks into a meeting of Virgilos in which he realizes that Morales was only a puppet in which someone moved the threads. Ramiro sends and sends Morales's henchmen, who ultimately kill Morales, who receives a letter from Morales. He learns that the letter was sent to Morales by a person named PM (probably Papa Murray). The letter said that the prime minister's DEA informant, The Eagle, denied him an ambush from the DEA. The prime minister provided weapons and artillery to the people of Morales through Elvez Autos. Ramiro infiltrates the Elves Autos and finds a group that represents coffins and ammunition for a small army: he infiltrates the town of Elves by sea route and the coffins have the DEA agent Pearson and other agents Find the body. As he interrogates the Elves, Ramiro realizes that Pope Murray ordered him to supply C├ęsar Morales with weapons to get rid of DAA agents; General Montanez had to distribute the payment and he did it. Ramiro kills the elves and chases Villa with the police and the army. Ramiro then goes to the forest at the Montez military base to find information about Papa Murray and the DEA spy. Rama runs out of the forest and kills Montanez.Ramiro awaits extraction at Angel's apartment, only to find Papa Muerte's minions trying to kill him: Meanwhile, Agent Johnson reveals himself as an eagle and convinces Tommy and Trust of a deadly drug overdose. Inspire, although Tommy can listen to Ramiro. Angel was kidnapped by Johnson and his father was killed. Remiro returns to the DEA, fighting through Muriete's henchmen to save Tommy and trust while Johnson escapes with Angel on the armored train. Ramiro chases and travels on Johnson's train, using a locomotive to take the bomb. Johnson, unhooking the engine compartments, fights Ramiro until the trust sends air support to destroy a canyon bridge: Ramiro rescues Angel and they jump on a broken rail on a dust bike When the train falls into the ravine, a condemned Johnson Drag it to ruin.

Total Overdose is an open world action / adventure game of third person shooting. The players handle Ramiro, Tommy and Ernesto. The most popular character in the game is Ramiro, while Tommy and Ernesto can only be played in the two initial missions. The game parodies the Mexico trilogy by Robert Rodriguez. Throughout the game, players can run and dive, and have the ability to use weapons such as guns, rifles, guns and rocket makers. While out of missions, the player can explore the open world of the game, but some areas will only be available during certain missions. There are cheap and special cars in the game. Specialized cars include "Conquistador", Orange Dirtbike, Purple and Flame Pickup, Tow Truck, DEA and Military SUV. Players have the ability to dodge shoots, during which the player dives in any direction with a slow movement effect. This trick gives players more precision when shooting in combat. Mad movements are special attacks that players can collect by adding a large number of points and kills. These movements can be used to eliminate heavy enemies and groups of enemies.

Total overdose, depending on the name of the game, focuses on shooting games. Now it is actually a shooting game released on September 16, 2005 and developed by Deadline Games, Eidos Interactive. This development became an excellent game and we enjoyed it. If you have not played this shooting game, you can play it on your PC because it is a game less than 2 GB for low PC and computer, everyone can play it on your computer because this game is better on desktop computers with low PC specification. It works smoothly or portable. I have completed all the missions of the Toad game on our poorly boring PC. I kept playing because of the ease, otherwise I wouldn't play that TOD game inside my bad PC. 

The game became famous due to its role and mission of the game. I like the correct features that are included in the TOD game that I haven't seen that feature in any game that is in the shooting game category. I like the slow motion shooting process and not only me, everyone likes this feature. Because of this reason, when the game is first started on any computer, they will never forget the game. They will play everyone until the mission is completed. In the game Total Overdose you just have to kill the enemy in each mission.


The player has weapons available to kill enemies. After completing all the missions, you can tour the entire city. You can also tour without completing missions, but it would be good to complete all missions. Without the mission within the game, the game is very boring. It is not private is the fact. You can move around the city using a car, bicycle, etc. Anyone who does not want to complete all the missions of this game can skip the mission by putting only 100% of the total overdose game file within the documentation section. Overall, this is a great game for everyone who has not yet played, but some players doubt before downloading the game due to the 1GB game, for this reason I only have the Toad game at 465MB, so, as of now, You can easily download total overdose games without losing approximately 1 or 2 GB of data from the Internet.

System Requirements

  • CPU: Pentium 4 or Athlon XP
  • CPU SPEED: 2 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • OS: Windows XP
  • VIDEO CARD: 128 MB DirectX 9 compatible video card.
  • 3D: Yes



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