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Prince of Persia 3 The Two Thrones High Compress |

Prince of Persia 3 The Two Thrones  High Compress Game 

The game combines exploration and war. Both elements use the acrobatics and agility of the prince. In the course of many games, the player must try to cross walls, jump or climb between walls, avoid traps, climb structures and jump from platform to platform, creating other types of opportunities. Jump, solve puzzles and use discovered objects to progress.During combat, similar movements that are important for the player in other situations can be used to defeat enemies. An example is the prince's ability to jump through the walls to kill enemies with determination. The player usually attacks enemies and blocks with a dagger, although other objects or factors, such as the time dagger and its time control skills, become crucial to victory.In The Two Thrones, Prince's acrobat skills have improved and can now be cast in oscillating positions at 45-degree angles from the walls, balancing on sliding slides and, among other things, strategically placed vertical shutters. It is. Besides this. Designers have also improved the stealth system. Instead of being able to do more damage without being killed only when viewed, the game uses a quick removal system. If the player does not complete the rapid elimination, the enemy knocks him down and the rapid elimination fails. The number of movements or the time required depends on how strong the opponents are. The same system is also used in the fight against bosses.

The Prince also develops a divided personality, known as the Dark Prince, and this alter ego constantly discusses what is right and what is wrong in his mind. Sometimes, the prince physically transforms into a dark prince. These changes are programmed and not controlled by the player. During these times, however, the prince retained control of his body and the player still had control of the character. For the most part, the prince's black side is just an inner voice.Controlling the Dark Prince, the player loses the ability to reproduce a secondary weapon, instead of using a "Duggartel", a sharp whip raises his hand. This allows medium range combat movements and new interactions with the environment. The Dark Prince also loses health continuously as a result of a semi-transformation, with eventual death from damage. Every time you collect sand from a demon or something, it becomes completely healthy. In addition, his duggartel gives him a different button combination for quick murders, in which he strangles his victims. The prince returns to normal when exposed to water.

The game follows the events of the Prince of Persia: the warrior within, in which the prince kills Daheka, saves Calena and prevents the Sands of Time from being created. Unlike previous games, the story is told by Calena. Prince's actions change the timing of events that occurred before that time. In the original timeline, Vizier and the Maharaja traveled to Time Island and got an hour filled with Sands of Time. In the revised timeline, they are found hourly empty. As Vizier never launches Sands of Time and battles Prince, he is still alive at the beginning of the game. Farah, who helped Prince during the Sands of Time events, never met Prince.When the prince and Calina return to the city of Babylon, they find it being ravaged by war. His ship is attacked and destroyed, and he and Calena arrive on land.

 The prince gets up and sees the enemy soldiers take Calena. The prince makes his way to the palace and confronts the Vizier, who kills Caleena with the dagger of Kal, removing the sand again. The vizier is impenetrable with him and becomes immortal. The prince is also affected, having a whip-shaped weapon known as the duggartel when he has a wound in his skin. However, under the illusion that after the launch of the Sands, Vizier throws the dagger aside and the prince manages to steal it before it completely infects him.The prince falls into the sewer and is taken to the outskirts of Babylon. Passing through the city once more to kill the vizier, he knows that his brain is being affected by an infection caused by the Sands of Time, leading to a major ego called the Dark Prince  , Appears with a voice from inside. 

System Requirements :

  • CPU: Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP
  • CPU SPEED: 1.5 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • OS: Windows 2000/XP 
  • VIDEO CARD: 128 MB DirectX 9.0c compliant video card 
  • DIRECTX VERSION: DirectX 9.0c
  • CD-ROM: 32x or faster or 4x DVD-ROM



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