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Need For Speed Carbon High Compress Game |

NFS Carbon High Compress Game

In the game, players take part in illegal road races that focus on different racing styles, using a variety of real-world licensed cars that can be upgraded and customized with new parts, while their efforts Has to contend with police involvement. To stop the player. Race events focus on competing races with other drivers on point-to-point circuits or routes, point races and races governing sprint or drifting are able to use nitrous oxide and speedbreaker when necessary. Accompany players, either to win races to help or to leave narrow spots, which are recharged over time. There are four game modes L: race, fast race, Challenge and Multiplayer series, and the latter has an online game available in the console versions. And game PCs except for the Wii version. The game works with the same game mechanics used in previous series entries, including its predecessor Most Wanted, although Carbon introduced new elements. A new exclusive element of Carbon is the Canyon Events: special racing events created in the style of Toge's Japanese race, in which players compete in competitive races on canyon roads outside the main stage of the game. These events include sprints, skids, and duels, with the majority of destructive railings in the final two, resulting in the player refraining from losing or crashing these related events. Duel events in these circuits operate differently from events that involve the main rival competitors in need of speed games, as they are done in two stages in a canon circuit: in each stage, a driver is one. Acts as a chaser and chases the other in close proximity, in the first stage he sees the player as a hunter and in his competition While points to follow Vandwi can get a closer look at, becomes his rival hunters in the second phase. The player must keep the distance as far as possible to avoid losing too many points before the finish stage. At the end of both stages, the car that takes the lead if its score is positive; Otherwise, your opponent wins if he makes it negative.

 In addition to the points, an immediate advantage is possible depending on the way the duel is performed: In career mode, the player can win immediately if he can stay ahead of his opponent for ten seconds, but loses if he is long. Time lags behind. Time; In online multiplayer mode, a player wins if his opponent collides with the railing. Police activities, a key part of the series, work similar to Most Wanted, as police can appear at any time during any race and try to stop the player during the event, except for the canyon race. 

Of control except for events and point races; In career mode, the police can also appear during Free Rome, but will not take action against the player unless he has a court order (for past harassment) or has committed a crime in sight, so they block Let's focus on and arrest the player. Players can find a safe place to hide until they lose them and until they lose their heat. As the player is chased, they may try to take out the police or counter them by hitting their cars or using perishable goods called Purpose Breakers to stop their harassment, although extensive searches have led to players The heat level will rise, which will lead to strong harassment tactics including spikes, interruptions and involvement of state / federal officials. 

Carbon modified the chase function by making the police less effective in arrest tactics at higher heat levels and reducing the possibility of the vehicle being blocked / destroyed by the tracker. The real-world licensed cars used in the game are divided into three levels  and three classes: crossover, tuner and muscle. For example, a Nissan 240SX is a Level 1 tuner, while a Corvette Z06 is a 3 level muscle car. The cars suffer visual damage during the game, but no physical damage. Cars can improve their performance through new components and fine tuning of each component; Such updates may help, for example, improve speed or improve braking.

The main mode of the game focuses on the player competing against rival street racing teams, such as Most Wanted and Underground 2 instead of individual runners. Starting in career mode, players must choose a class that is not only permanent for their game mode, but also determines which of the three districts begin in the game configuration and which. Race events are available first. As the player advances to this mode, additional cars and classes are unlocked; Any car won with a reward card is available for Quick Race mode, but without limitations. Players operate their own team in career mode, and can recruit AI men to help them, each of which operates under a different role: blocker, editor and explorer, and specialty. Fixer, mechanic and manufacturer. Regarding the type and role of each wing pilot, how they help the player: some may find shortcuts during the race, while others can help reduce the heat of the police, along with their role. Decide which car they drive; The first two players selected by the player match their car with the class chosen by the player. During the race, players can use their wingmen for a while, after which they will have to wait a while until their wingman indicator has been recharged before they can be used again.

System Requirements 

  • CPU: Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • CPU SPEED: 1.7 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • OS: Windows XP SP 2 (32Bit only), Windows 2000 Professional SP 4
  • VIDEO CARD: 64MB DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
  • DVD-ROM: 8X Speed DVD-ROM 



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