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FIFA 12  High Compressed Pc Game 

high compressed fifa 2012 Pc Game

FIFA 12 is the nineteenth game in the FIFA Electronic Arts Football Association video game series. It was developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts worldwide under the heading EA Sports. It was released in September 2011, on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 2 devices; on PlayStation Portable, 3DS, Xperia Play, Android, and iOS devices; and on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X computers. FIFA Football portal as PlayStation Vita launch title. David Rutter, producer of the FIFA 12 production line, promised "a revolutionary year for FIFA ... especially in the play division." In the UK, the "Ultimate Edition" of the game was available at Game and Gamestation stores. It included four Ultimate Team gold packs, each containing 12 items, including players, contracts, stadiums, managers, employees, fitness, healing, soccer balls, kits and badges. Each package contains a rare item, such as improved player attributes, longer contracts, and the most popular ones. Along with many other new sports titles, FIFA 12 was available three days before to buyers of the EA season ticket. Sports.The FIFA 12 Show release date was announced at the Gamescom event in Germany on August 16, 2011; the demo was available on the Xbox Live Marketplace and the EA's Origin Store for Microsoft Windows on September 13, 2011, although the PlayStation 3 Demo was not available In Europe until the next day

high compressed fifa 2012 Pc Game

Three major changes have been made to the gameplay in FIFA 12; These are the impact engine, tactical defense and dribbling accuracy. In several years of development, Impact Engine improves a variety of collisions, precision and momentum maintenance. The new advanced procedure animation system, along with collision physics, is used to produce different results depending on the players and material forces involved. This affects all players, so even those outside the ball can have a collision. "Impact Engine" has been mentioned as a game changer, making FIFA 12 less organized and compact than its predecessors, and producer David Rutter described it as the biggest technological change in the series from the switch to the current console generation . Impact Engine also directly affects the injuries suffered by players during the match. The new tactical defense system aims to change the defense method giving equal importance to the positioning, interception and handling of passes. When defending, there will be more focus on slowing down and containing the attackers, and pressing them to make mistakes. The goal is to have a more manual defensive form, which requires more time and accuracy compared to the defensive "press" system used in previous FIFA games. The old system, now called "old defense", can still be used, since by pressing the AI ​​player button at home, the player who has the ball, offline, in online friendly matches and custom matches without any order . The Dribbling precision function allows players to drip during armor, which means that the player can still move across the field while the players are stopped, rather than rooting on the site. Foreground control has been added below to run as a way to allow players with smaller and more frequent touches, to bring the ball closer and tighter control. Players will now be more aware of the surrounding environment. For example, players near the touch line will understand their position and continue to control the tightening of the ball to turn it off. The improved AI player system, called Professional Player Intelligence, aims to make AI players interact with the skills and abilities of other players with appropriate actions. For example, a wing is more likely to cross the wing inside the box when it has a teammate waiting with an aerial skill, while it may seek support and play ball on the ground if its teammate is less threatening than air . Players will also benefit better from their strengths, so, for example, a creative player might look for less obvious opportunities, such as playing long minute passes, since another player in their position is likely to play them safely in a short pass The presentation was also arranged with a new predetermined angle for the camera and improvements in the construction of the transmission pattern matching. Some of the game's cutting tools have been removed, such as those made before throwing the ball and kicking. Instead, the player will simply run to perform the task in question without interruption.

high compressed fifa 2012 Pc Game

The manager's relationship with the players and the media will play a more important role, by selecting the team, success and salary, all of which will affect the attitudes and morale of individual players, and the press will recognize injuries and disturbances, all of which can affect field performance. . Unsatisfied players can speak to the press and arouse other clubs' interest, and the AI   transfer has been improved. Moving targets will sometimes require extra pay if they think they can get rid of them, and rival clubs will try to steal players for a deal. Each club will have a special transfer mindset, as richer clubs tend to focus on getting the best players available, while smaller clubs can search for younger and older players and loans. Amnesty International will adjust this item to prevent it from becoming highly anticipated. The transfer window has been revised, and on the last day it slowed down to advance in hours instead of days and features an hour countdown as clubs rush to complete last minute offers. It will be possible to delay transfers to the deadline to see how others work, and it will help the club's CEO to indicate potential late contracts. Other improvements in career mode include calendar, news shows and news sources, which are intended to make information such as upcoming events, transfers and rumors easier. Facebook integration implemented. EA claims to have "revolutionized" the direct side of FIFA 12. Among the changes, there is a new mode called "Head to Head Seasons", a difference in the usual ranked games where league points are awarded for victory or draw matches. 

high compressed fifa 2012 Pc Game

The goal is to advance through ten sections, with each "season" consisting of ten matches. All players will start in the tenth and lowest division league, with ups and downs based on an objective number of points gained in each season. Multiple pairing expanded with 'flow' mode added. This includes choosing several options such as the team and alignment before they match the opponent. This change aims to address the problem of pairing up opponents who choose one of a small number of five-star teams, a situation that often leads to frequent games between the few clubs themselves. When pre-selecting a team, the opponent with similar team preferences will automatically be selected. There is also an option for players who use the "manual" control method, with reduced AI assistance and shots, and choose to pair only with other "manual" users. The percentage of games that the opponent has finished can also be specified, making it easy to avoid "Those who give up anger". This will be linked to global leaderboards and based on friends, and will include a leveling system. The player also chooses a specific soccer club, which will share a portion of the total XP due, with club leaderboards based on the average XP that their fans contributed. Each week will be considered a "season" with clubs being promoted or relegated based on the ability of their supporters. EA Sports Football Club will connect the game with several titles in the future, starting with FIFA 12 and the upcoming FIFA Street. When playing both games, the XP obtained in one will be transferred to the other.

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