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FarCry 3 High Compressed Game

Far Cry 3 is a 2k12 FPP  game .This is the third major installment of the Far Cry series. The game takes place on Rook Island, a tropical archipelago that players can search independently. The gameplay focuses on combat and exploration. Players can use a variety of weapons to defeat human enemies and hostile wildlife, and play roles in the game, such as trees with skills and experience. Strange after a vacation, the protagonist Jason Brody must rescue his friends, who have been kidnapped by pirates, and escape from the island and its inhabitants.Ubisoft Montreal collaborated with the global development team of Ubisoft, including Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft Reflections and Red Storm Entertainment. Game development was partially resumed in 2010 after the departure of several key creative staff members. The team evaluated the response to Far Cry 2 and identified areas that should be improved or eliminated. The team spent a lot of time designing the island, which he described as the "second most important character" in the game. Inspired by media such as Apocalypse Now and Lost, as well as video games The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption. Michael Mando was assigned to play Voss, who was more a team character than Darth Vader.

The game was announced in June 2011 and Ubisoft promoted it with several complementary applications, web series and crossovers. It was released in November 2012 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Despite weak pre-order sales, the game sold around 10 million copies. He was nominated for acclaim for several game publications, including Game of the Year and Best Shooter Award, for many year-end praise. Ubisoft supported the game with downloadable content and in 2013 launched Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, an independent expansion of the game.


Far Cry 3 is a first-person shooter, located in a tropical islands controlled by imaginary islands, bandits and pirates. Players play Jason Brody and can address missions and objectives in various ways. They can kill enemies using landmines and grenades such as firepower rifles, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, rocket launchers and explosives. Alternatively, players can use stealth to avoid enemies' attention. For example, players can locate enemy outposts using the camera to mark the location of enemies or throw rocks to distract them. The stealthy weapon, which can be used with silenced weapons and combat knives, can prevent fires from activating alarms. The skill is gained by completing missions and killing enemies and unlocking them in three skill trees with the theme of spider, wader and shark. Each skill tree updates various aspects of Jason's abilities, with Spider improving his stealth demolition and hunting abilities, shark attack and health demolition, and Heron improving its long range and mobility demolition. As the skill builds, the tribal tattoo on Jason's forearm grows in a similar way.

Rook Islands is an open world in which players can roam freely. Jason can travel in the game using a variety of vehicles including bugs, ATVs, cargo trucks, jet skis, boats, and hang gliding. Later in the game, players will get a wingsuit that Jason can wear. In the game, Jason will encounter various friendly settlements where he can purchase weapons and materials to complete side missions, including hunting missions and assassination missions. The Rook Islands are inhabited by a variety of wildlife, including jaguars and sharks, and the game's artificial intelligence (AI) allows wildlife to interact with each other to simulate a realistic ecosystem. By hunting various animals and harvesting their bodies, players get the necessary materials to make new items, such as gun cases and ammunition. Players can accumulate green plants to produce syringes, which heal Jason when his health drops out during combat scenarios, which provide other game advantages. Players can measure various radio towers and remove their encoder. When removed, areas of the map are opened, multiple points are noted, and players unlock a new weapon and gain access to secondary supply-supply missions, a timed quest in which players must as much as Drugs have to be delivered as soon as possible. possible. It is possible from one place to another. While pirates control the island, players can infiltrate and leave multiple enemy outposts. Once an outpost is overtaken, it becomes a base for rebels that unlock additional side missions for players. It also becomes a place where players can travel quickly and trade with vendors. A patch was later released to allow players to resume advanced positions. While exploring the game world, spontaneous events can occur, such as Jason being attacked by wild animals or patrolling. Players can complete ryot mission tests, which are timely combat challenges; Join various mini games including poker, knife throwing and shooting challenges and collect different collectibles like relics, cards and memory cards.

The game features a cooperative multiplayer mode for up to four players, set six months before the main game event. There are five different classes in the mode: Guerrero, Rusher, Dedei, Saboteur or Bodyguard. Players can customize the charges and weapons of each class. In multiplayer mode, players can activate "Battle Cry", which increases team health, accuracy and running speed. The game includes a competitive multiplayer mode involving team deathmatch and domination, in which two teams compete against each other to capture control points. There is also transmission, a type of domination in which control points are radio transmitters that change locations.


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