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Crysis 2 High Compressed Game 

The Cryonet system continues to hunt down the Prophet to claim the suit, inadvertently chasing Alaktara, believing that he is the Prophet. Cryotek stated before launch that its purpose was to overcome the original game graphically and in terms of playability, while the system also had fewer requirements and was also compatible with true stereoscopic 3D.The new nanoset supports new and advanced features. The functionality of the suite is optimized; Many modes can be easily used simultaneously when the user wishes. The modes of force and speed of the first stick have been added to the new power mode, the telescope function of the suite has been updated with an advanced tactical mode, the concealed concealment device to allow sensory input and silent stealth melee to kill. It is and has been renamed. Stealth mode, while armor mode is skipped more or less with the exception of more or less limited agility and lower and lower energy levels. There are two trailers, one of them shows a suit in a wire frame state and the other shows a suit throughout the state. In fiction, the suit presents a series of improvements over its predecessor, giving soldiers the freedom to update their costumes according to their fighting style.

On August 23, 2023, the USS Nautilus submarine stationed the United States Marine Corps Force reconnaissance unit in New York City, with former Cryonet staffer Drs. Nathan Gold may have information to remove. Important about foreign race war. However, the insertion goes wrong: Sif, the alien race trying to destroy humanity, sinks the submarine, which mortally injures the Marine Recon Force "Alcatraz". Force Major Delta Lawrence "Prophet" Barnes saves Alcatraz and is forced to commit suicide so that his nanosuites can assimilate and revive Alcatraz. A recording left in the suit shows that the Prophet had been infected with the Manhattan virus, and that Alaktara should fulfill the Prophet's mission to save humanity from alien invasion. Believing that Alcatraz is a prophet, Gould soon contacts Alcatraz and asks him to meet him in Gould's laboratory. However, the cell army, led by Commander Dominic Lockhart, attacks and attacks Alcatraz, believing that he is the Prophet. While visiting Gould's lab, Alcatraz collects extraterrestrial tissue samples from a crashed seaf ship and a Sif soldier, which causes a strange reaction inside his nanosuit, giving him some supernatural abilities. Alcatraz eventually meets up with Gould, who initially becomes hostile after learning that he is not a prophet. However, the last recording of the Prophet's message suit leads to Gould Yield, helping Gold to explain that the suit is busy rewriting its code after absorbing Sif's tissue, speculating that The suit was making an antibody to the Manhattan virus. Gould and Alcatraz committed to further exploration at the cryonet base on Wall Street. The scan is interrupted when CEL forces led by Commander Lockhart, daughter of US Commander Corps, and Lieutenant Tara Strickland. UU. Strickland, the premier of the first games Ambush Altraz and Gold.

During a prisoner's transfer out of the building, Seifs attacks CEL personnel when a giant alien spire arises from beneath the cryonet building, releasing a spore-based biological weapon that kills most cell soldiers. The immediate field alkatraj remains trapped and isolated for a period of time, while it is a nanosuit malfunction caused by biological spore weapons. The suit has been reintroduced by Jacob Hargreave, director of Crynet and co-founder of Hargreave-Rus Biotechnology, a century that apparently had prior knowledge of Safe and was stolen for much of the last century to design Nenosite Was spent using technology. Will be used as a defense against aliens. Hargreve instructs Alcatraz in another safe needle for him to do an important experiment.

On the way to the needle, Hargreaves reveals that the Manhattan virus had spread through CFH as a method to eliminate entire human populations from Earth, comparing it to the BSE outbreak of the last century. The Manhattan virus would cause all infected humans to melt into a liquid mass of biological tissue, which could then be easily stored and disposed of. Upon reaching the Alien Needle, Alcatraz tried to interconnect the nanotraze system with the aliens' technology, but failed. During this crisis, the United States Department of Defense relinquished CELL's authority over Manhattan and deployed United States Marines under the command of Navy Colonel Sherman Barclay. US forces tried to drive out the aliens in lower Manhattan by ordering an airstrike against the city's flood barricades. Being washed away by the resulting water wave, Alcatraz was later found by a marine crew at Madison Square Park led by a squadmate of Alcatraz Chino, who survived the submarine's destruction. The Marines ask for their help to evacuate civilians for the Grand Central Terminal, the city's main exit point.Hargreave approached Alcatraz to make the detour to the Hargreave-Rasch building. There, Alcatraz is asked to look for a stabilizing agent in biodiversity to facilitate the nanotrase analysis process. The trip fails after Seif's intervention, with Hargreave asking Alcatraz to help with the evacuation efforts at Grand Central. At the terminal, Alcatraz meets with Gould, who apparently "escaped" Strickland, causing Colonel Barclay to suspect him.

System Requirements :

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.0 GHz or better
  • RAM: 2 GB 
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512
  • Hardware T&L: Yes
Note : 950 * 5 Parts



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